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Recipes with
Organic Kritharaki

Kritharaki (or manestra as it is known to us Greeks) is a type of pasta that got its name from its special shape that resembles a grain of barley. It is used a lot in Greek and in general in Mediterranean cuisine as it is the basis for many different and delicious dishes.
The classic traditional Greek recipe in which you can use
HELIOS Organic Kritharaki is yuvetsi in earthenware with lamb, goat or beef. It combines harmoniously with the sweet red sauce, 'captures' all the flavor of the meat and takes us on a tasteful trip back in time, to grandma's Sunday table.
You can also experiment with a more modern "gourmet" version, replacing rice with barley in various classic recipes. Make 'barley' with spinach, green onions and lemon or 'barley' with sun-dried tomatoes, black olives and colored peppers.


Kritharoto with pepper cream

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